I am Anna, a runner, adrenaline junkie and all-round fitness fanatic. I’m currently in my final year of university studying a history degree, juggling all things fitness, from running to cheerleading.

Although I have always been passionate about sport, I didn’t catch the running bug until the summer before I started university. I grew up being a gymnast and that’s where my love of fitness began. However, running did not play a part in my life until much later. After 9 years of competitive gymnastics and one dodgy knee I decided it was finally time to do something else. Not having a specific exercise routine, I decided to try running. This seemed like an easy solution to keeping fit whilst I balanced revising for my A levels. After all, all I needed was a pair of trainers.

The first proper run I attempted was my local park run. I had heard about it through a friend and felt like this would be a good start at testing how fit I really was. I finished the run in 29:04 minutes, which looking back on is pretty slow. However, at the time I felt like it was an incredible achievement that I had managed to run a whole 5 kilometres without stopping!!! The next Saturday I was back at park run eager to beat my time and this is where my running journey began.

My 5k PB has since improved to 21:49 minutes and I have also taken part in several other races at varying distances. My aim for this blog is to document my running journey from 5Ks to Ultra Marathons!
I hope you join me on my adventures.
Anna xx